Saturday, March 3, 2007


By now, some of you are probably thinking I have some sort of perverse desire to harm animals based on all the amputee creatures that have made up the Go-Go Kreeps! But that's just what the Go-Go Kreeps are, baby! Just roll with it! Seriously, I love animals (except for spiders, and chupacabras).

Sweet Chee considers himself a real ladies man, yet he seems oblivious to the fact that no woman really wants to be seen with a quadriplegic ant. He lost his other four legs at the hands of Angus McMurty, the neighborhood bully, who fried them off with a magnifying glass. Sweet Chee was rescued at the last minute and, after he recovered, he was given a motor cart for handicapped ants, which he proceeded to soup-up to better "attract the ladies". Now he races around the landscape, cruisin' for chicks and layin' down hot rubber!

Pen & Ink followed by photoshop colors!

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