Thursday, March 1, 2007


This little fella is Bullfrogdozer! Say, hi, Bullfrogdozer! Actually, you can call him Bubba-Gene. Would you like to know Bubba-Gene's story? No? Well, here it is anyway!

Bullfroggdozer (his nickname, given to him by his co-workers) was once a simple country frog named Bubba Gene, living his carefree life in the swamp and whittling detailed wooden figures for his nieces and nephews -- until his swamp home was drained and filled in to make way for the construction of a new strip mall. This strip mall happened to feature a new restaurant specializing in spicy chicken wings and frog legs -- so I bet you can guess how our friend here lost his lower limbs. After Bubba Gene recuperated from having his legs chopped off and served with watery draft beer, he decided to strike back, and had himself fitted into a "personal bulldozer" which he uses not only to get around, but also to strike back at encroaching strip malls and restaurants by bulldozing them down in the wee hours of the morning with the help of his demolition team of swamp-animal friends. On weekends, they all play together in a swamp-rock band down at their favorite watering hole.

The usual modus operandi: pen & ink with photoshop colors.

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