Thursday, March 1, 2007


These lovely ladies are part of my senior thesis project, which I haven't mentioned until now. I'll post a more detailed explanation of it later, but in centers around a concept for a truly whacked-out animated series (of the Adult Swim variety) regarding the world's most awesome super-powered music group, who not only play in sold out venues worldwide, but also explore and combat the unknown and arcane forces of nature, science, and the mystic realms. Think BUCKAROO BANZAI and THE TICK in a back alley brawl with THE VENTURE BROTHERS.

Anyway, these are the OCTOPRIMATES, a roller derby team whose members are genetic combinations of gorillas and octopi, created by a deranged scientist to conquer the world roller derby circuit! Their names are: Daisy Ditch, Henrietta Knuckles, Smashley Bundt, and Tentakillerilla (or just "Tentakelly" -- haven't decided yet. Inked and colored versions to be posted soon!

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