Saturday, March 3, 2007


This is Uncle Fibble, number three in our series of Go-Go Kreeps. Uncle Fibble is a master fabricator of "tall-tales". According to Uncle Fibble, he is responsible for Japan's surrender during World War II because he convinced president Roosevelt to drop both atomic bombs. He's also slain the Loch Ness Monster (which is why the beast hasn't been captured or photographed clearly), cautioned the other three Beatles about letting John get involved with "that tone-deaf Yoko chick", and helped build the sets for the fake moon landing recordings. Anyway, Fibble probably isn't really old enough to have done any of those things, yet, no matter how outrageous his tales, he always seems to weave them in a way that makes them seem completely plausible. He couldn't bear being cooped up in his fishbowl all day and night, so he devised and built the walking platform that carries him wherever he wants to go -- the better to spread his wisdom and tall-tales!

Pen & Ink with Photoshoppy colors!

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