Thursday, July 12, 2007


It started as a simple, eureka-like, brainstorm: A robot controlling a gorilla controlling a bigger robot! It's monkeys AND robots combined, and we all know that's a cliched, yet reliable, formula for gold-plated success! I sketched it out, keeping the larger robot rather simple (I had just seen the TRANSFORMERS movie and, as good as it was, It put me in the mood for some ... less complicated robots), and the smaller one even more simple. The idea of a small robot manipulating a gorilla in order to manipulate an even larger robot just seems like a winner to me, and I've got some plans to extend this idea, which I can't go into yet. Anyway, for now, here's the pencils for the large robot and a blow-up of the gorilla controller (with minirobot in his head). Enjoy.


I mentioned last post about meeting two cool guys at Heroes Con, Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon. They write and pencil (respectively) a great comic called GEARHEAD from Arcana, and were impressed enough with my work to invite me to do a pinup to be featured in the upcoming trade paperback collection of GEARHEAD. I did two, so here's the pencils for the first one (second will follow soon). Inked and colored version to come soon. Check out the GEARHEAD comic, if you haven't already. Also, be on the lookout for another book penciled by Mellon (written by Chuck Satterlee and Phil Hester) called 13 STEPS from Desperado Publishing. Scheduled to release in August, and looks fantastic!