Friday, December 14, 2007


I guess you could call this a reworking of my original "Hell Below Me, Stars Above" piece. It's the same basic theme and layout(astronaut on rocky peak besieged by tentacles and claws, blasting away at the advancing hordes), just a bit modified. I have a bad habit of wanting to continually go back and tinker with old pieces I'm no longer happy with. I hope I don't spend the rest of my life going back and revisiting the same bunch of illustrations.

This is just the pencil stage, of course. I flipped the original and kind of like how it looks in reverse, reading more from left to right. Haven't yet decided which version I like. Inks and colors to come.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"The GREEP is coming to chew on you!"

My little girl, Parker, is 6 years old, and she loves to tickle and play with her daddy. One of her favorite games involves turning off all the lights in the bedroom (when it's dark outside), shutting the door so no light comes in, and trying to avoid me as I pretend to be a monster/dinosaur/fiend who's trying to eat her. I gave my monster an off-the-cuff name the other night: the Greep. It's also the sound the Greep makes as it stalks it's prey: "Greep, greep!"

She wanted to sit down with me and draw what the Greep looks like, so we each sketched out what we were seeing in our heads as we played. So, these are our versions of the Greep. Guess which belongs to whom...