Saturday, September 11, 2010


I know this blog is supposed to be effectively dead, but what better reason to bring it shambling from the grave than the return of the t-shirt that so many of you supported and/or have been clamoring for the return of: ZOMBAMA!

I was recently contacted by TeeFury concerning the possibility of doing a reprint of this shirt, and I had to jump at the opportunity. I still get a steady trickle of emails from folks asking about how to get a hold of this shirt, so now's your chance! Well, not NOW, but soon...

I figured I should tweak the design a bit since I usually see room for improvement the day after I'm done with a design. This would give the folks who did get a hold of the shirt the first couple times around a sense that they got something limited and rare, plus added incentive to buy it again, too! Genius!

Anyway, this should be available for sale over at TeeFury soon. I will post another update as soon as I know something more concrete.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pop-Monkey is DEAD! Long live BEASTPOP!!

I know some of you probably saw this coming due to the dearth of posts on here lately, but PopMonkey Ilustration is effectively... DEAD! For an explanation on why and how, follow this link over to my new illustration and design blog: BEASTPOP ARTWORKS! I hope all of you will continue to follow and support my work over there and I thank you for all of your comments, feedback, praise, critiques and support. It’ s been a blast, but the best is yet to come, cuz BeastPop is firing on all cylinders!

Also, you can follow BeastPop over on Facebook, if you like!