Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"See ya' next year, Heroes Con!"

Well, Heroes Con was great, as usual. This year saw an even more impressive array of artists and creators -- I spent too much time walking around and browsing (sometimes buying), and not quite enough time at the booth, but it was great to meet everybody.
Special mention to (in no particular order): Joe Quinones, Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi, Team Eight, Dan & Dawna Davis (of Steam Crow), Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon, Chris Grine, Dennis Hopeless, Kevin Mellon, Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, Alberto Ruiz, Derek Ballard, Mark Brooks, Erik Jones and the others I might have forgotten.

Special thanks to Kyle Cross and Nick Black of GORILLA RIOT for having me aboard this weekend. It was a blast (though tiring). Also to Shelton Drum and all who helped him put on the convention -- super job, as always!

For now, I've got a lot of (paying) work to catch up on and a lot of prints to mail out. Thanks to everyone who dropped by and said hi, even if you didn't buy a print. See you soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey, one of the best comic conventions in the US is happening this weekend, June 20-22 in Charlotte NC! The little show that grew into a favorite stop for industry professionals and industry hopefuls gets better every year, and I'm always excited when this time of year rolls around.

I'll be part of the GORILLA RIOT booth 420 (next to the amazing Indie Island), so stop by, introduce yourself and buy some stuff. GORILLA RIOT sells awesome t-shirts and stuff, and I'll be selling prints of 3 of my pieces at the booth. I had my "GORILLA VS. SQUID", "PAKKU-MAN" and "PAC-SAMURAI" pieces professionally printed on 100# cover stock, and they look fantastic! They will be $20 each, or get all three for $50!!

Be sure to stop and buy a print before browsing around too much, before you run out of money! Hope to see you at the show!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"GORILLA VS. SQUID: FINAL ROUND!" -- prints available!

Hey, it's finally finished! Been fiddling with this piece for a while, but I finally got it colored well enough to satisfy me for now. I wanted to do this in a limited and flat enough palette so it could be easily screen printed on shirts, but I think it's a powerful enough design to stand on it's own. Thus, I'm also selling prints of this piece! I'm having these professionally printed, as I did the last two pieces, and they'll be available from me via mail, or in person at the GORILLA RIOT booth at HEROES CON in Charlotte, June 20-22!
Pen & Ink with Photoshop. Coming soon as a t-shirt!


"Thanks, Boing-Boing!"

A favorite blog of mine, Boing-Boing Gadgets, has featured my recent hit "Pac-Samurai" piece on their site! I'm honored, flattered, and swamped with requests for prints. Thanks again to everyone who has passed along civil comments, linked to my blog, and/or purchased a print! I've had to go and have professional prints done to try and keep up with the orders!
Here's the link to the feature!

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Thanks, Kotaku!"

Kotaku.com has just posted a blog entry spotlighting my "Pac-Samurai" piece! Might this lead to me landing a job blasphemously giving Pac-Man a facelift for a new generation of gamers?!? I say "yes"! Fate, what do you say?...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I loved the "ancient Pac-Man" concept so much, I was inspired to do another piece. This one is an attempt to merge my style with an old Japanese print style complete with faux-antique paper. Took me a bit longer to finish than I thought it would. Even though the color scheme is very flat, achieving that authentic old and worn look to it was a real bear. It's not a technique I'm used to utilizing in my work, and it's much more complicated than scanning in an old beat-up piece of paper and converting the artwork to "multiply" on top of it.

Er... what I meant to say is -- here's a recently discovered rare Japanese print which is rumored to have contributed to Toru Iwatani's inspiration for the genesis of Pac-Man. It was a print that had been in his family for generations, but had been lost in a warehouse shortly after his tragic suicide.

This piece, too, will be featured in the upcoming "Big Trouble in Little Gainesville" show at GORILLA RIOT'S STORE 101 this Friday (6/06/08). If you're in the area, come on by and tell me how full of it I am, and marvel in amazement as genuine concern nearly creeps in at the corners of my eyes.

PRINTS OF THIS PIECE ARE AVAILABLE!! $10 (plus $5 for US shipping), 11"X 17" 100# cover stock paper. EMAIL ME FOR MORE INFO!!