Thursday, June 7, 2007


BLACKFACE HITLER & RED DWARF -- evil performance artists

Relax, he’s a bad guy. BLACKFACE HITLER is one of the most outrageous members of H.E.R.P.E.S., and has devised many a scheme to befoul our heroes in COLLIDE-O-SCOPE. None of his peers actually calls him BLACKFACE HITLER, though -- they just call him BH for short. BH abandoned his long-forgotten birth name when he decided to really stick it to his parents by becoming a performance artist. His father considered art a waste of time (especially the twisted, offensive stuff his son was producing), and wanted young BH to follow in his footsteps, becoming a criminal defense lawyer. When BH came home to find his latest sculptural masterpiece vandalized during one of his father’s drunken tirades, BH calmly disemboweled his sleeping parent, and used his body parts to repair his violated sculpture. When BH’s mother arrived home that day, she found her husband dead and a note from her son claiming responsibility for the murder and announcing his own artistic awakening. Thus began BH’s illegal and underground career as the worlds most offensive artist.

BH firmly believes that true Art must be offensive and shocking. If it doesn't offend at least two demographics, then it's not Art, and he sees the world as his canvas. He began seeking to transform himself into an offensive work of art, which caught the attention of DOCTOR HEDONISM, whom he had surgically alter himself to look like the most hated man in history, Adolph Hitler. RED DWARF is his silent companion, a dwarf whom he met at an underground art show, and whom he thought looked remarkably like Vladymir Lenin. RED DWARF became instantly enamored with BH, becoming his devoted companion and toady. He is always by BH's side, unless he is "unleashed" to strike out at his enemies with his deadly skills brandishing and throwing cutlery.

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david j hoskins said...

HAHAHAHA I love Blackface Hitler!