Thursday, March 19, 2009

"UGLY STICK" Shirt Design final colors!

Finished fiddling around with some color schemes for the UGLY STICK t-shirt design. This is one of those things where I come up with a fake band name I think sounds cool and then design their logo and a t-shirt or two (there are many more of this type of thing in the works). This is a reworking of a concept I had come up with a couple years ago which was in dire need of redrawing. I actually did the first pass as part of a project for my junior year at art school. I went back and looked at that early attempt and I was horrified at how bad it was! It's good that I can see a definite progression and advancement of my skills and capabilities, but I wish someone had told me back then just how bad I was! It's embarrassing!

I came up with 5 different color schemes for this, which may be overkill. The yellow one was the inital design, and I definitely think it's the strongest. The rest are just further variations I did due to being somewhat unsure if I'd nailed it with just the yellow. The yellow, turquoise and red shirts feature 4-color designs while the 2 taupe variations feature 5-color designs.

What does anybody else think about which ones work and which ones don't? I'll end up submitting whichever one I feel most comfortable with (after walking away from these for a day or two) to a t-shirt design site or two and see if there's any takers. Feedback is appreciated.

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Tanya said...

i happened to jump on your blog.. thats an amazing design!! and i love your other designs too.. keep th art flowing.. :)
oh and if you wanna consider.. i submit designs to this really cool site called they hav a whole comunity of designers there.. you shud try.. and prolly win one of those fun contests they hav round th clock.. i really wish for u to join.. since i'd love wearing an ugly stick tee myself :(
keep up the awesomeness!
tanya :)