Wednesday, May 30, 2007


ALITA TOCCATA -- Keyboards/ Electronica
Alita was born to a wealthy family who turned their noses up at anything less than classical music and opera. Naturally, she rebelled against this during her high school years, hooking up with a local Rockabilly group, as well as a British-style new-wave ensemble. Her parents practically disowned her, and she hasn’t really cared to look back since (or so she claims).

ALITA has sense memory, which allows her to instantly gauge the function and history of any mechanical object simply by touching it. This ability not only gives her an edge in the garage fixing gadgets and vehicles, but also allows her to quickly master any musical instrument. Because of this, ALITA is essentially able to play every instrument known to man on at least a novice level, and has taken to learning each one, in alphabetical order since she discovered this gift at the age of 12.
Although she doesn’t dress the part (except when working in the garage), ALITA is rather tomboyish, and, since she excels at mechanics, can often be found down in the workshop/ garage, fixing Professor Fleetwood’s abused equipment or keeping the band’s various vehicles in repair. SPITFIRE will sometimes help out if ALITA needs an extra hand, but she usually doesn’t, especially since she has three of her own! Perhaps another of the growing number of mutation side-effects of Roca Lago’s magic spring water, ALITA was born with three arms: two left arms and one right. This has proven invaluable in tasks ranging from handling her multiple keyboards during a performance, to fixing cars, to driving the Collide-O-Scope van while simultaneously fending off attacking hordes of SludgeNinja with her katana sword!

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