Wednesday, May 30, 2007


FUSELLA “SPITFIRE” HOTSPUR -- Rhythm/ Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Fusella is as her nickname implies, and she’ll probably sock you in the jaw if you call her “Fusella”! She is hot-tempered, quick to speak or act first and think later. Foul-mouthed, and brash, SPITFIRE is slow to give thanks, admit mistakes and offer congratulations, yet she likes to feel useful, so will often offer her assistance where needed, but only if she is asked first.
SPITFIRE’s body is decorated with “living tattoos” based on the Chinese zodiac, but they are no longer visible unless she “activates” them. She can an animate and detach these tattoos from her skin to become tangible, three-dimensional helper beasts, each with different useful strengths and characteristics. Once the tattoo-beast’s task is done, she can reabsorb it back into her skin. SPITFIRE can animate more than one tattoo-beast at a time, but each one takes a bit of her life-force with it, weakening her a bit until it is reabsorbed.
All of the tattoos were created by the same man at the same tattoo parlor -- an ancient Chinese man who spoke in confusing proverbs and riddles. The power to animate the tattoos was not available until the final tattoo was completely healed. Upon removing the bandage covering this last tattoo, all of the beasts briefly sprang forth from her skin at once, sending SPITFIRE into a near coma. Once she was released from the hospital, SPITFIRE went back to find the strange Chinese fellow, seeking answers to what he had done to her, but the shop and the old man were gone, leaving only an empty building that looked like it hadn’t been occupied in years. Since then, SPITFIRE has never released more than three beasts at a time, fearing for her life if she does.
Spitfire often becomes conflicted with identity issues due to the wide range of abilities her zodiac animals grant her. As she is able to temporarily assume their attributes upon reabsorbing them, she has trouble defining where they end and where she begins.

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