Wednesday, May 30, 2007


PROF. FLEETWOOD is the mentor/ benefactor/ father figure to the group of musical heroes known as COLLIDE-O-SCOPE. He used to have a normal human head until his arch-nemesis cast a spell on him which turned his head into a squid. Immediately following his grotesque transformation, the Professor had a bit of a mental breakdown and adopted the moniker PROFESSOR SQUIDHEAD, becoming an evil mad scientist who left his adopted family and clashed with them on several occasions. Before being brought back to his senses by our heroes, PROFESSOR SQUIDHEAD was responsible for the creation of the OCTOPRIMATE ROLLER DERBY team THE SKIDMARK SISTERS, which was the result of some bizarre psychological side effect his newfound "mad scientist" persona had when combined with repressed memories of his father pressuring him towards athletics during high school (don't ask).

Anyway, having regained his sanity, if not his full humanity, PROF. FLEETWOOD eventually returned to the mountainside headquarters/ laboratory that he shares with COLLIDE-O-SCOPE, though his head regrettably remains a squid. His frequent attempts at reversing the spell have been fruitless, and he hopes one day to track down the elusive dark wizard responsible for his condition, which he sees as his only hope to regain a normal noggin.

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