Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Juancarlos Delgado (“Shrubb”) -- Bass Guitar
Enigmatic, Hispanic and very hairy, SHRUBB’s face is permanently hidden by his shrub-like head of hair (hence, his nickname -- get it?) -- the only “facial feature” visible is the pair of special goggles he wears. SHRUBB’s fashion sense leans towards the early 70’s as he is usually found sporting bellbottom pants, apple hats, army jackets, puka shells, and huckapoo shirts (and Angel Flight suits when he’s feeling fancy). Tall, lanky and stoop-shouldered, SHRUBB is very laid back and relaxed, and he rarely speaks except for the occasional brief sentence, usually in Spanish, all of which makes it quite difficult to read his mood/ feelings. Very dependable and loyal, he will rarely protest or argue, deferring to the authority of those around him that he trusts.
How can SHRUBB see through that head of hair? Why, he’s got X-ray vision, of course! Not just x-ray, mind you, but SHRUBB can see in a much broader range of extra-spectrum sight, allowing him to see things others would never be aware of. He can even see when someone is lying! His “magic goggles” have even tapped into his brain through some sort of symbiotic link, and the lenses often display onomatopoeic phrases related to SHRUBB’’s state of mind. How did SHRUBB come to possess these stupefying shades and why does he hide his face? That remains a mystery for now. His bass-playing prowess, however, is not a mystery, and SHRUBB can more than handle any style of bass-playing with ridiculous ease, from lightning fast metal, to slap-funk!

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