Thursday, January 8, 2009


Decided to do a bit of a retooling of the ZOMBAMA poster. This takes it a couple of steps further away from copying the design of the original, and fits the zombie theme a bit better. So there.


Glue said...

Excellent work! I really dig the color scheme, though I enjoyed how the other one parodied the original. This looks like it could be part of the backdrop in a zombie movie,
Its interesting to see a president become such a pop culture icon so quickly. I've never seen that anywhere else...

by the way...are you going to NYC Comicon? I am! I dont know who else from Ringling is though, Im stoked!

And Ill try to post more....;-)

Pop-Monkey said...

No NYCC for me, Glue. Too broke. The green Zombama shirt is now available at my CafePress shop. Follow the link in my sidebar and order one before it's banned!

By the way, didya see the Obama variant cover of this week's issue of Amazing Spider-Man? It doesn't get much more pop-icon than teaming up with Spider-Man. I want my Obama lunchbox and underoos!