Thursday, January 15, 2009


Another item on my "finish it off already" list, this is the revised drawing for my CARRION, WAYWARD SUN t-shirt design. As usual, I dug out the old unfinished design and deemed it below my current skill level. It needed to be pushed further and tuned up, so that's what I did. I originally had a more stark and pure beam of light blasting forth from the sun's mouth, but that seemed too rigid and cold, so I changed the moon-blasting radiation to more of a liquid fire look. Also curled the sun's beams just a bit to give it a bit more of a dynamic sense of direction. I'm quite happy with this one, and I fully intend to finish this one off and have it on some shirts at my CafePress store before I get the desire for another "do-over". Inks and colors soon to follow.

Just as a note, back when I first conceived this design and coined it's name, I put the phrases "Wayward Sun" and "Carrion, Wayward Sun" in my google alerts, which I often do to see if anyone else has thought of the name or is using it in a similar fashion. The only hits I've really gotten so far are from people who simply misspell the lyrics from the Kansas song from which the title is derived ("Carry On Wayward Son"). Instead of "Wayward SON", they believe it to actually be "Wayward SUN", which doesn't make any sense if you listen to the song's lyrics.


JamesW said...

i like the change in the sun's rays, but the flow of destruction off the moon didn't change to fit it. makes an interesting contrast for sure.
out of the sun's mouth is a different thought too. can i ask why that, instead of, say, eyes? (indicative of "the Sun's gaze") I do like the connotation.

Pop-Monkey said...

Thanks for the feedback, James. You're right about needing to change up the blasted moon-flesh. I'll tinker with that a bit before inking.

I didn't even really consider eye-beams. Just thought an angry sun vomiting hot death onto the moon would make a cool image. You really can't overthink my artwork too much. Therein lies madness.

JamesW said...

i like the mouth better. i kept thinking of all the other eye blasts that i had seen and thought this was a nice touch. as for madness. where am i going to find madness? we are all mad here.