Thursday, January 22, 2009


Finally finished the inks for my first DONKEY KONG piece. I wish I had a larger scanner. I had to ink each element on separate sheets of bristol (DK, Mario, Pauline, the girder) and scan them individually, then piece them together in Photoshop. I think my scanner is wearing out, too, because it seems to be starting to slightly distort each scan so it's not as easy to get scanned elements to fit together anymore. Oh well... gotta have money for a new scanner, and that's not happening right now.

Colors will follow soon!


Chris Grine said...

Very nice, sir. I love your linework so much, but I just figured you worked digitally. I can't believe that's on bristol! Consider me double impressed.

Adam Tamte Volker said...

Sup brah,

Thanks for the feedback on the "horseman" piece, the crits were much appreciated. Not at all over the top or uncalled for. I realize now that I hadn't really put the painting in front of a jury before I submitted it. I wish I woulda now (duh) Thanks again man!

Pop-Monkey said...

I still prefer actually inking on a piece of bristol or illustration board with a good ol' fashioned brush (and pens) and ink. I use a brush for about 95% of the piece and finish it off with pens. It's just nice to have the physical work right in front of you. I've wanted to try digital drawing with a program called Sketchbook Pro, as I've seen some cool things done utilizing that software, but I'd have to upgrade my computer system to run it, and I just don't have the cash right now.