Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, the Oscar nominations are out, and, much to the surprise of many hopefuls in the comics community, THE DARK KNIGHT did not get nominated for Best Picture, though it did appear in many other categories (and Heath Ledger did secure that Best Supporting Actor nom). Despite the fact that I didn't think the film quite deserved getting a Best picture nomination, you know what I think was the one major detracting factor that prevented a Best Picture nomiation? Christian Bale's ridiculous "scary-Batman" voice.

Seriously, it was over-the-top, mostly indecipherable and laughable. Was the director simply too intimidated by Bale to not pipe in almost immediately and say, "Uh, Christian... no, that's not gonna work. Do you maybe need a throat lozenge or... no? You meant to do it like that? Okay, yeah, that's not gonna work. Let's try something that's nothing like what you just did. Remember, this is a serious movie, not a comedy, and folks need to be able to understand what you're saying."

This better get cleared up for the inevitable sequel.


Dustin dArnault said...

I completely agree with you man. I couldn't take him seriously. Every time he opened his mouth, I almost laughed out loud.

Anonymous said...

The voice was actually Chris Nolan's idea according to an interview by Chris. The voice was digitally enhanced. But, I guess it's so much easier to blame Bale for it.

Pop-Monkey said...

And that makes it better, how?
I'm blaming whomever is responsible for the ridiculous end-product. My hypothetical interchange was just a sarcastic supposition -- of course Bale and Nolan are equally to blame for the voice. I'm not seriously suggesting that Bale bullied the voice into the final product. That they couldn't hear how stupid it sounded is unbelievable, as is the fact that they got the result they desired.

You'll forgive me if I don't take your anonymous word that it was digitally "enhanced". I'll need better proof than an anonymous blog comment. It would make sense, of course, for Batman to have some sort of digital voice-distortion filter in his headgear, but that wasn't shown in the movie, so we're left with the impression that Bruce Wayne is just doing a bad Cookie Monster impression. Got a link to an article backing up your statements, or are you just doing a fly-by "fact"drop?

JamesW said...

well, i think they usually enhance everything in post - sound and visual - now a days but certainly not that much. there were times when you could understand him fine, and then others, like when he was talking at the end with joker and dent, that well, it actually made me mad that they released the movie that way. what a way to ruin an otherwise great flick. (that and the simple fix of blaming dent's murders on the joker instead of taking them upon his own bat-shoulders... but that would spoil everything)

it sounded alright in the first movie, but this time it was too much. and i am sure there is some kind of psychological insinuation behind his speaking to lucius in the batman-the-hutt voice when he was in the batman suit, and to rachel when he knocked dent out, but he didn't speak like that when they are going over body armor talk. (discovery channel's next show)

cookie monster... heheheheh, makes me laugh... heheh heh he whew.

(funny, the word verification is "bales" - guess that means the system has an opinion of who's fault it is too)

Anonymous said...

I didn't have any problems understanding him.

brizoni said...

You absolutely read my mind: