Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What's threatening about a fat, lazy white guy on a motorized "Rascal"? Nothing really. But when that fat, lazy white guy is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian wizard who was put to death for trying to assassinate the Pharaoh, THEN things get dangerous! ERGOPHOBOS is a glutton for any and all food (obviously), and perhaps would be able to do more to further his goals of world conquest if the body he (accidentally) came to possess was a bit more on the fit and active side. So, Ergophobos rules what he can from the comfort of his recliner or his Rascal. Ergophobos is a member of the perverse diabolical organization known as H.E.R.P.E.S. (more on that later), and has secret schemes of wresting control of the organization out of the hands of it's current leader, DOCTOR HEDONISM.

My inspiration for this guy was rather simple -- I wanted to have a big fat guy who seemed pretty harmless, but was actually rather dangerous, though his appearance would border on the ridiculous. I combined this with my desire to incorporate an Egyptian-themed bad guy, and thought that a giant white guy on a Rascal would look quite silly decked out in a Pharaoh costume. To make him at least a bit threatening, I made him a wizard. I also originally had the Rascal souped up to look more Egyptian, with Sphinx paw wheelguards and a giant cobra head mounted on the front rising up to the steering column that would fire projectile venom spikes from his mouth, but in the end, I opted for the traditional Rascal appearance, as this just made him look more pathetic. The ham in the basket tops it off nicely, I think. Maybe, during the course of this character's story, I'll have him acquire his uber-Rascal as he gains power and becomes more of a threat, but for now he sticks with the factory model. Oh, and his name is simply an Egyptian twist on the word "ergophobia", which is simply a fear of movement (in relation to his lethargy and lack of exercise). The end.

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