Sunday, April 22, 2007

"And speaking of BAD GUYS..."

What rock opera would be complete without the participation of the Prince of Darkness himself? That's right, LUCIFER himself will play a part in the COLLIDE-O-SCOPE saga. LUCIFER, of course, was cast down from heaven with a third of the angels. He was in charge of the heavenly choir just prior to his exile, though, and when he and his flunkies were plunged to earth, the heavenly musical instruments became embedded in the layers of earth directly beneath the city in which COLLIDE-O-SCOPE calls home. The shock of the impact rattled LUCIFER and his followers, however, and they sort of staggered around for a while in a daze. When they regained their senses, they realized that they were without their musical tools, yet they could not recall where they had lost them. Over time, the mystical properties of the instruments seeped into an underground lake which became the source of drinking water for the city of Roca Lago, thus subsequent generations of the town's population became increasingly musically gifted until, at last, the greatest band in the world was born: COLLIDE-O-SCOPE!!

So, there you have it -- that's how COLLIDE-O-SCOPE came to be, or at least how they came to be so damned good at what they do. More on their specific history soon! LUCIFER will eventually do battle with our heroic band as he attempts to reclaim his long-lost cache of heavenly instruments (which he hopes to use to enslave the entire human race, natch'). This is only one facet of his appearance, however, as he will of course be a shapeshifter. This is his "traditional" appearance imprinted upon him by humanity, and I'll be giving him a couple more physical forms as I go, but this will do for now. Very iconic, of course, with the whole horns/cloven hooves/spearpoint tail/goatee package we've come to expect, and there's really only so much you can do with that look, creatively. I did originally have him colored red, but that was just TOO stereotypical and expected, so I thought I'd go with a bit of a slate gray scheme instead. I expect to get many remarks along the lines of "but the devil's supposed to be red!" Tough titty, said the kitty. He stays gray. Maybe he gets red when he's really cross with someone...

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Gary Barker said...

Hey Jared, left word on another site but wanted to comment on your blog. Awesome as always. Can`t tell if I like the red or blue version better. Hey and music to listen to also, cool...hey wait, it is, man I haven`t heard Blitzkrieg Bop is soooo long.