Friday, April 13, 2007


New character posting for the COLLIDE-O-SCOPE concept. This is Dr. Hayden Dulgent, otherwise known as DOCTOR HEDONISM, de facto leader of the wicked and creepy H.E.R.P.E.S. orgainization (Hedonistic Empire of Reprobates Perverting Earth's Stability), who is out to pervert the world into his sick playground of around-the-clock pleasure at any price! Hayden was raised in abject poverty and was denied any and all luxuries by his overly-strict and miserly parents. Once he left home, earned his doctorate and began making some real dough, he went completely overboard, pampering and spoiling himslef with every pleasurable vice he could conceive of or invent. His growing lusts caused him to run afoul of the law, so he formed his own little empire, which he saddled with the unfortunate name H.E.R.P.E.S., and began calling himself DOCTOR HEDONISM! He began surrounding himself with other caution-to-the-wind pleasure-seekers like himself who shared the common goal of the pursuit of "happiness", no matter how deviant, perverse or illegal, and regardless of the consequences to others. Despite his haggard, withered, gray appearance, DOCTOR HEDONISM has not yet celebrated his 50th birthday. His constant indulgence in all manner of vices has ravaged his body, and he employs a team of physicians whose sole task is to keep his heart beating and the many diseases he has contracted from snuffing him out entirely, so he can persist in his pervers quest.

As he appears here, DOCTOR HEDONISM and his PLEASURE CHAIR are decked out with his ether tank and breather-mask, rare panda steak for dinner, latex gloves (to satisfy his latex fetish), 24-7 porno feed on his monitor, and nipple clamps.

Basically, I just wanted a really creepy, withered pervert in a life-supporting chair. He started as simply a mad scientist, and he was going to be the dark wizard who was responsible for PROFESSOR FLEETWOOD'S squid-head (his body ravaged by the use of dark magic), but my initial sketch of Doc H seemed to demand a back story with a bit more perverse and icky angle. I decided to make him the leader of an evil organization with one of those kitschy-cool acronym names (like S.M.E.R.S.H. or S.P.E.C.T.R.E.). His physical appearance suggested a hedonistic, pleasure-seeking organization, and H.E.R.P.E.S. was actually the first name to spring to mind (and well-fitting, too, I must say). Coming up with an extended name to fit the acronym, was a bit harder, but not too difficult. Thus was born DOCTOR HEDONISM and H.E.R.P.E.S.. Then followed the task of creating more possible creepy members for the organization. ERGOPHOBOS, I had already created, and he seemed a good fit. There are 2 1/2 more members of the group that I've created so far, and they're rather ridiculously offensive (but rightly so, as they're meant to be heinous villains -- there's a reason Nazis have been very popular bad guys: they're easy to despise!). They will be posted soon, but don't get your panties in a bunch once they're up.

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