Monday, February 19, 2007


Say hello to Astro-Gongg! He's the first of a series of li'l characters I'm doing called "Go-Go Kreeps". Basically, they're all bizarre or silly animals/ creatures paired with odd vehicles. I don't know why this turned out the way it did -- a quadriplegic gorilla in a motorized cart with boxing-glove mechanical arms IS pretty bizarre, but I just started doodling, and this is what came out. This guy is currently posted on, so head over there and vote for him so he can be merchandised! Astro-Gongg's backstory is both tragic and silly.

Astro Gongg was one of the many secret test gorillas sent into space during the early days of the US space program. He was subjected to countless tests, simulations, experiments and enhancements. Severely injured during his last mission, Astro Gongg lost his arms and legs as a result. He was supposed to be put to sleep, but one of the scientists who felt responsible for his condition instead created a life-support system linked to a motorized cart which would keep him alive and help him get around. The rocket pack and boxing gloves are Astro Gonng's own addtions because he likes to go faster than his cart will allow sometimes, and... he just likes punching things. Needless to say, he has had quite enough of space, astronaut training and zero gravity, and wants nothing to do with the space program anymore. Still, sometimes at night, he'll look up into the night sky and remember with fondness his "glory days". Then he'll go punch something until the feeling goes away.

Pen & ink drawing colored in Photoshop!

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