Monday, February 19, 2007

"HELL BELOW, STARS ABOVE", VERSION 3.0 (the final edit)

Okay, I was not entirely satisfied with my last attempt at this piece, so I thought I'd start from scratch and just begin from an entirely new pose and composition. I set aside the previous attempt and begin sketching out a new basic form for the main figure. I completely redesigned his suit and weapons, and decided to remove all the lighting suggestions in the inking stage, preffering to go back in and communicate all the lighting and shadows strictly in the color stage. Whew!

To be honest, I'm getting pretty sick of looking at this thing, so this is definitely going to be my last attempt at this. I may do a similarly themed piece at some point, but I'm going to set this one aside after I'm done coloring it. I'm about 75% finished with the coloring stage at this point, so I'll post that when I'm finished.

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