Monday, February 19, 2007


First in a series of wacky Octopus critters. My two favorite animals are Monkeys and Octopi -- very different animals, yet something very appealing about each. Monkeys... well, they're just plain cool. Octopi have this very alien, otherworldly quality about them, and, while their bodies are relatively simple, there's so much you can do with their tentacles as far as shape and design goes. Anyway, here's the first one. Mad Mustard is what he's called, and here's his story:

Ridiculed and bullied as a child due to his bright yellow coloration, this 8-armed cephalopod buried his fury until he developed the ability to emit low-level "anger-waves", which bolster his strength and confuse those closeby. Bullying also resulted in his fondness for cutting and striking tools, of which he can wield eight at a time with expert precision. Adopted his derogatory childhood nickname "Mustard", as a badge of honor shortly before sawing, stabbing, cutting and bludgeoning his bullies to death and deposting them in the dumpster behind the Thrift-E-Mart. Apprenticed with Dr. Hideous before joining forces with the Stilted Samurai and Jet-Pack Sumo. Last seen in Japan.

Pen & Ink drawing colored in Photoshop. Coming soon to a t-shirt near you. I liked him so much, that I featured him on the back of my business card! He's also featured over at, so go vote on him right away!

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Emily Gross said...

Hey! I haven't really commented on your blog before. So here's one! Excellent artwork, you ridiculously insane man!