Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pop-Monkey enters the blogosphere (or whatever the cool kids call it)!

Well, well well... I guess it's time to bite the bullet and give in to the siren song of modern technology! It's blogging time! I used to ridicule the folks who thought themselves so self-important that their every thought was worth posting on the internet for all to see. But, when it comes to the self-promotion an artist must engage in, web presence is a must -- and, since I'm too dense when it comes to web-stuff to make my own website right now, a blog will have to do for now.

I'll be posting works-in-progress, from sketches to finished pieces, on this page, as well as random other stuff that I need to express to relieve the pressure on my poor poor brain. I don't sleep much these days, so don't count on coherent or intelligent musings about the state of our world. I would love to write a better introductory post to kick things off, but you don't care what I have to say, and I have work to do anyway. So, here's a few introductory sketches to get things started! Enjoy! Opinions, criticisms, and job offers are always welcome.

These images are for an illustration to accompany a poem about being fat. Both the name of the poem and the author escape my mind right now -- I'll add them later. First is the initial sketch: I had envisioned a montage of disgusted faces hovering around the obese woman as she walks down the street. Later, I decided to merge the faces in with the surroundings, so it wouldn't seem so "floating heads". The end result might be a tad too humorous for the tone of the poem, but I'm fairly happy with the final result. I inked the woman and the heads and colored the whole thing in Photoshop.

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