Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Lonely Zombie-Hunter

It's time to create the senior illustration poster, which involves everyone in the illustration department's senior class to contribute a self-portrait, all of which will soon be compiled and formatted into the senior illustration show poster early next year. My advanced illustration class had the bright idea to do a sort of "Brady Bunch" style block where all of our portrait blocks would be placed together and we would all be interacting with each other in various cute and wacky ways.

My square was to be diagonal from another classmate who had become a slobbering zombie, thus, I became a zombie-hunter -- grim and blood-splattered, wielding a well-used chainsaw and baseball bat with by bass guitar slung across my back and zombie-killing music playing in my ipod headphones. Well, the idea got nixed, of course, but the drawings I had already done were just too good to leave by the wayside, so I finished the piece anyway, despite it making me look like some extremely antisocial serial killer. I'm not sure if I'll use it for the senior poster (I've already drawn up an alternate idea which involves considerably less blood), but I thought it made a decent stand-alone image nonetheless.

Pencils, finished inks, and "final" photoshop image (I may not be done fiddling with it yet).

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