Friday, July 10, 2009


Just finished a logo design project for ZOMBIE ENGINEERED FIGHT GEAR. I'm assuming they'll be selling things like sawed-off shotguns, chainsaws, aluminum baseball bats and the like, so I'm onboard like a guest on the Love Boat! Actually they'll be selling mixed martial arts fight gear and clothing and such. Oh well, not quite as exciting, but it'll do. Someone really needs to get on that other idea though, so when the Zombie Apocalypse happens (bet on it, children) we'll have a handy one-stop shopping webstore where we can go and load up on our zombie-pulping gear. Whoever decides they have the extremely risky entrepreneur spirit to start such a company, I'm the man to handle your graphics.

Spent a day or two just drawing zombie heads to see what he liked, and after he decided on what he wanted, I worked on finalizing the text and color treatments for screen printing. The smaller fly logo will be on some sort of patch or tag, while the main zombie head will appear on the website and other merchandise. Can't wait to see how they turn out.


Robin Goodfellow said...

i like ol Yul Brynner there in the middle actually. nice work. funny commentary too. but don't let that go to your zombie-eaten head.

josh said...

very nice! what a great project to be a part of. i love the way that fly turned out.