Thursday, June 11, 2009

TIERRA DE LOS PERDIDO new color variations

I realized that TeeFury's color options for printing on blank shirts is a bit more limited than I originally estimated or hoped, so I had to go back and alter the color schemes a bit to fit on the color blanks available. The red one is only slightly altered, but the turquoise and cream color are the most obviously changed. The red doesn't do much for me, and I like the cream version (though the moon doesn't really look right on such a light colored shirt), but the turquoise is my favorite.

More to come as this thing gears up for production.

I've started to hear bad reviews of the LAND OF THE LOST movie, which bums me out (and I still haven't seen it), so I hope that doesn't cause a backlash against all things LOTL. Of course, this is based off of old-school LOTL and not the revamp.