Thursday, December 4, 2008


More DONKEY KONG sketches from the ol' sketchbook, as well as some other cool samplings of DK fan-art.

Thorsten Hasenkam produced this first piece of fan art. Nicely produced piece with a seemingly oblivious Donkey Kong. Bonus points for being hand-painted, but I'd like to have seen a bit more relation between the characters of the piece. Seems like two separate images tossed together in the same frame. The pixellated blocks save it by tying the whole thing together from a design standpoint, if not thematically. I like his other work, too. His paintings feel like a fun mash-up of Glenn Barr and Shag.

Next up is a charming and adorable little hand-made Donkey Kong by Anna Chambers. All I gots to say about this one is "I want one!" Anna, let's trade!

Here's a fantastic feat of paper-engineering spearheaded by Ian Rickard. Some folks at the Jack Baskin school of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz built a huge-scale replica of the DK game board with about 14,000 post-it notes in 4 stories worth of windows in their Engineering building.
There's also a time-lapse video of them setting it up.

To round things out, I'm gonna close this chapter with one of the most bizarre reimaginings of Mario and his simian nemesis that I've come across. What's even more bizarre is that it is an officially licensed piece that was acually used as packaging art for an Intellivision game cartridge port. It's like they very loosely described the concept of the game to some freelance artist who'd never heard of such a thing as a "Donkey Kong" before. Mario seems to have ditched his job as a carpenter to become some sort of Mexican 90's superhero version of the god of thunder, complete with golden hammer, while the decidedly un-gorilla-like Donkey Kong holds the homely Pauline captive in some sort of boundless Tron-type laser-scape and hurls shiny untapped kegs of beer at our mullet-sporting hero! It's so bad, I want a poster of it! I should research this a bit and find out if there's an amusing story behind this piece of art.

More tomorrow!


Pop-Monkey said...

It'll be another day or two before I am able to post any other DK work -- the day job's demanding my attention right now. Gotta finish up some work to present to investors.

Jared Fiorino said...

Hey man! Thank you for the kind words! I agree there is some sloppy fan art in there, and ALOT of the pieces look the same but they were done by different people, so there goes your diversity. Thanks again though, I had fun drawing it. You though, wow, seriously man, your stuff is looking sick!. I love the DK sketches and the Q-bert piece is tight! I hope you and the fam are all doing well and I wish you the best. By the way you wouldn't happen to be going to James Jeans show in January would you?
Keep in touch man. Always great to hear from you.

PUNKBOX said...

hey im oscar, i found you at creaturebox, just wanted to say how cool i think your artwork is.

jeremy melton said...

Great blog, Excellent art and a really cool style! Well done!

l e d o said...

Wow seriously awesome work. I love the perspectives on your drawings makes me want to hit my stuff harder.

By the way I think mario would make an awesome mexican super hero. !!Viva la raza!!