Friday, November 9, 2007


Finished colored inks for my new mascot that will go on the reverse side of my new business cards (with the other mascot, the Pop-Monkey, on the front). Pulp-Squid here represents the pulpier, grittier side of my artistic romps, while the Pop-Monkey covers the whimsical, cartoony stuff!
Squids 'n' Monkeys...natural enemies in the wild, but a common love for art has brought them together as friends -- nay, as allies! That's a tag-team duo you do not want to have staring you down!


Stephen Lindsay said...

Pop-Monkey and Pulp-Squid need a buddy-cop type comic with humor along the lines of a Sam & Max. They're just 2 great tastes that taste great together, and I want to see them going on adventures! Do it! DO IT NOW! Or... you know... whenever you have time... unless you just don't HAVE time to write such a thing, in which case, let me be the first to suggest that guy who created "Jesus Hates Zombies" write it... heh. ;)

Pop-Monkey said...

Hmmm... that's not a bad idea! I'll have to kick that around my skull for a while. Could be a mass-merchandising phenomenon!!

IrisOn said...

where the hell have you been????
and my name is spelled with a k